(Learn) How to Face Cultural Differences on the Romanian Work Floor

BUCURESTI - 20 octombrie 2008

Comunicat tip General in Afaceri

PIRGROUP Romania organizes on 27 November 2008, at Ibis Parliament Hotel Bucharest, the first introductive seminar on Romanian organizational culture.

' Being one of the first events of this kind in Romania, the seminar’s goal is to introduce international people, co-workers, employees in the Romanian organizational culture' quoted Elena Antoneac, Business Development Manager of Pirgroup Romania.

Training Benefits:
-Interactive training, based both on theories or theoretical models and practical issues;
-The participants will have the opportunity to find answers and tools to solve the cultural issues they are faced with the Romanian work floor;
-The participants will interact with an international qualified trainer, with more than 10 years practical experience in International Mobility Management;
-The participants will receive course support and working papers, needed for the practical exercises;
-3 coffee breaks and lunch –allowing for sharing experiences & networking.

Main target

The event’s main audience is geared towards: Human Resources Departments, Line Management, foreign investors who interact with Romanian on the work floor, foreign professionals working & developing business in Romania (and their families).

Tackled Topics:

I. International Mobility-the effects on the work force;

II. What is culture and how does it affect your: businesses, departments, clients, staff;

III. The four Cultural Dimensions of Dr. Hofstede:
•The Individual and the Collective Society – IDV (Individual Score)
•Masculinity vs Femininity – MAS (Masculinity Score)
•The Power Distance - Social Inequality - PDI (Power Distance Index)
•The Avoidance of Uncertainty – UAI (Uncertainty Avoidance Index)

IV. Where does Romania fit in? What works to her advantage? What causes conflict in Business? - examples and case studies

V. Business etiquette and tools to handle conflict situations

Having over 10 years of experience in Cultural Shock Trainings, Isamar van Hilten is PIRGROUP’s Company Managing Partner. She was born in Venezuela, educated in Curacao, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA, and worked in Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Poland, and Latvia. Isamar has two bachelor degrees in Public Relations and Management and an MBA in International Marketing from Michigan State University-USA.
Also, Isamar is qualified in Cultural Anthropology and the influence it has on International Marketing.
On a weekly basis, Isamar interacts with 50 different nationalities on the work floor by managing a team spread out in 16 countries over Europe. Studying cultural differences and the way this influences business on the work floor is Isamar’s biggest passion – experiencing it day by day both through educational trainings and personal experiences.

Participation fee:
€ 235 + one professional guest.

How to register:
The participation fee will be payed in the account No: RO96BTRL 0410 1202 1049 73 XX , opened at Transilvania Bank, Coposu branch.
The participation fee will cover the trainer’s costs, 3 coffee breaks, lunch and the seminar’s materials.
All professionals interested in registering will need to submit the application request, (with a brief business resume) by 15 November 2008 to carmen@pirgroup.com.
The last day of the registration fee payment is 21 November 2008.

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